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We looked long and hard at what platforms we would invest in for ourselves and our clients. We decided on HubSpot because it was an all-in-one, web-based platform that works seamlessly across marketing and sales functions. It allows us to plan and execute campaigns and track the end-to end process of attracting visitors, converting leads and closing sales.

Here are the HubSpot tools that we love

HubSpot includes all the tools you need for your inbound marketing, B2B lead generation and sales activities. We love it because it provides a whole host of really powerful and innovative marketing and sales tools designed to simplify the execution of inbound marketing and sales activities. 

Before we look at some of the tools in the HubSpot suite and explain their value, let us offer a brief introduction to HubSpot. The HubSpot software was launched in 2006. Its power lies in the fact that the marketing and sales tools it provides focus on enticing and attracting customers, and then converting them. This is very unlike old school marketing and sales tactics that used to rely on interrupting customers - think sales calls, direct mail and adverts. We’ve written more on our approach to B2B lead generation in our blog B2B lead generation: How content marketing can generate more leads.

HubSpot offers a full stack of tools and products for marketing, sales, and CRM that are really powerful alone, but even better when they’re used together. 

Let’s take a look at some of the tools that we use on our client campaigns and why we recommend them:

HubSpot CRM

We are a Hubspot partner and the three main platforms that we use are ‘Hubspot CRM’, the ‘Marketing Hub’ and the ‘Sales Hub’. All three work seamlessly together. HubSpot CRM, is the free out-of-the-box CRM system. it’s very intuitive to use and provides everything you need to organise, track and nurture all your prospects and customers as your marketing and sales campaigns progress. 

Contacts and companies

HubSpot CRM organises everything you know about your contacts and their companies in one single place. You can store data in custom fields, browse a timeline of past interactions and communicate with your contacts from a single unified view. 

Deals and tasks 

HubSpot CRM also provides everything you need to manage your sales pipeline and your customers across their entire lifecycle. It allows you to organise tasks and attach them to the contacts and companies in your database and then track and manage deals across the sales process.

Marketing Hub

Hubspot’s inbound marketing software provides almost every tool you’ll need to launch effective digital marketing and lead generation campaigns. We’re talking marketing campaigns that generate genuine interest in your business and encourage proactive responses from your prospects - nice, warm responses that your sales team can pick up and run with.

SEO and content strategy

As we discuss in our B2B lead generation blog, today’s approach relies on developing a B2B content marketing plan and generating lots of good content. Not only will it help to push your website up the search engine rankings so that it is found by your prospects, but it will help position your business as a trusted authority. Marketing Hub has some great tools to assist with keyword identification and the development of a great content strategies to help manage your SEO

Conversion tools

Increasing traffic to your website through good content is all very well, but you need to convert those visitors into leads. That’s easily done through Marketing Hub’s conversion tools, which enable you to create landing pages that are optimised with effective call-to-action buttons, forms and pop-ups, that all allow you to track your users and analyse results.


Marketing Hub’s email marketing tool enables you to send beautiful, personalised emails that your prospects will look forward to receiving, and therefore open! Not only will you improve your open rate, but with HubSpot’s best-in-class email analytics you can easily measure each email campaign’s results. 

Social tools

HubSpot allows you to make the most of social media without additional time or effort. Not only can you plan and execute social media activity to multiple platforms, but you can also monitor results with just a few clicks. We also love the fact that you can link social interactions to real people in your CRM, so you can view and prioritise follow up actions and conversations.

Marketing automation

Marketing Hub’s marketing automation tools will help your marketers to trigger email campaigns (or a series of timed emails) based on any criteria that you choose, such as when a form is submitted on your website; when a prospect revisits your website; when a video is viewed etc. etc. Automated responses and workflows can be set-up in advance and sent seamlessly, leaving your marketing team free to focus on other value added activity, and your sales team with automated notification of a healthy pipeline of leads. 

Granular segmentation

You sales team is likely to want to approach different prospects in different ways. With HubSpot it’s easy to segment leads based on their contact information and online behaviour. You can then use these hyper-targeted lists to send personalised and targeted emails and responses. 

Dashboards & reporting

We know you’ll love the capability HubSpot delivers to create beautiful, custom reports that can be exported based on virtually any metric from HubSpot Marketing Hub; any record from HubSpot CRM, or data from Sales Hub. Your custom reports will tie-in detail on your marketing campaigns with the deals and revenue they assisted or closed, so you can easily measure a campaign’s true ROI.

Sales Hub

HubSpot’s Sales Hub sit on top of its CRM system, making it a powerhouse that keeps your sales team organised, saves them time and fosters better relationships from its customers. The tools from Sales Hub focus on three key things: 

  1. Simplifying your sales processes

  2. Perfecting your timing

  3. Closing more deals

Here are just some of the Sales Hub tools that we love:


When it comes to successful sales, the devil is not only the detail, but also the preparation. Timing is everything, which is why we love the fact that Sales Hub enables you to craft personalised templates for every stage of your sales process, in advance, and share them across your sales team. 

With a carefully timed series of email messages teed-up and ready to go, your sales team will not only be on the ball, but will save themselves masses of time and effort. 


Sales Hub’s notifications allow you to follow up on a lead seconds after they open an email, or click a link, or download an important document. The software’s built-in activity stream automatically logs each lead’s action and notifies you inside your browser or in Sales Hub. What’s more, access to ‘open, click, and reply’ data will help your sales people to recognise which email templates and sequences are most effective. 

Track prospects

Tracking prospects has never been easier. With Sales Hub you can track visitors to your website in real time; determine which companies are the most engaged, and set-up custom email notifications for your team. You can also sort prospects using dozens of different filtering criteria such as location geography, company size, number of visits etc.


Visibility and reporting are key to a successful sales process and Sales Hub’s reporting prowess won’t let you down. Its powerful reporting tools enable you to easily create custom dashboards so you can share high-level business metrics with management and dig into more granular metrics with your team. 

These are just a sample of some of the incredibly powerful HubSpot tools that we deploy when we work with our clients on B2B sales lead generation and content marketing. We hope we’ve given you a taster of what we can help you achieve – and how we can help you achieve it. If you’re interested in finding out how Brightly can help your organisation to generate and convert more leads with the benefits of personalisation, automation and greater visibility, then get in touch today. 


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